Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Bufdayy :)

aii , soryy lambat . exam kann kann kann .
march , month full of happiness . ;)
the memories that make me smile , shining my day and lighten my soulmate bufdayy :)

kek for naimm :)

happy bufdei brotha . hope you always happy and forget the past okayy . ;)

bufday boy :P

love all of youu lahhhh ;)

sissy , tengs for always be by my side. comforting me when I`m down . hope you can reach you love as SOONNNNN as possible ;)
love youu love yoouu love youuuuuu :)

trett tett tettt <3

lastly , to naim and sissy . again happy bufdei . happy being an olderrrrrrr okayy ! :PP
sorry for the late update :)
ohh , one more . only a short caption because I didn`t like a long write ;D

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