Saturday, June 10, 2017

Throwback Spree

I'm listening to Just A Dream by Nelly as I writing this post. The lyrics got me burning to update all the beautiful things that I have been experiencing here with people who I never want to consider as temporary. I wanted them to stay. It was great three years with them. God the last time I have things updated here was two years ago. Last night I was scrolling through my old post and realized how much time have I wasted playin lol no all of them were perfectly good days, none of them were wasted.

Not sure where did the time goes but now I am already in my third year. One more to go!!!! So, I'm in the middle of finishing tons of assignment but hahah what a wrong timing for these feels to overwhelm me. I will start posting the pictures and memories again, soon yay ((If I still alive after this whole week))

Dee xx.